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2020 academic opportunities

2020 Spring CURCA Student Travel Grants

UNG's 25th Annual Research Conference

  • Abstract due by Friday, February 14 at 5pm (cancelled because of COVID-19)
  • Friday, March 13 between 9am–3pm
  • The Martha Nesbitt building
  • An abstract proposal of up to 250 words
    • Georgia Statewide Tree Canopy Analysis by Jennifer McCollum, Owen Smith, Huidae Cho
    • Expansion of Topographic Wetness Index to Include Remotely Sensed Soil Data by Tyler Henderson, Huidae Cho

2020 Esri Southeast User Conference

FUSE 2020

  • [hcho][ → 2020-02-15]Application due by Saturday, February 15 at 5pm
  • Decision on Monday, March 9
  • Funding
    • $4,000 faculty stipend
    • Up to $500 for materials
    • A student for 8 weeks at 40 hours/week or two students for 8 weeks at 20 hours/week
  • Project period: June 1–July 24
  • Required progress meetings 10am–1pm:
    • June 5
    • June 19
    • July 3
    • July 17
  • Proposal: An Open Source Software Library for Calculating Spectral Indices

AOGS 17th Annual Meeting

  • [hcho][ → 2020-02-04]Abstract due by Tuesday, February 4
  • [hcho][ → 2020-02-29]Discuss travel reimbursement
  • [hcho][ → 2020-05-12]Registration by Tuesday, May 12
  • Sunday, June 28–Saturday, July 4 (cancelled because of COVID-19)
  • Sono Belle Vivaldi Park, Hongcheon, South Korea
  • Participate as a co-convener of the HS29 session
  • Travel funded by the HS29 session convener
  • HS29 session: New Technology for Mitigating Flood Disaster Under Climate Change

    The objectives of this meeting is to address the various approaches and methods used to predict and manage on flood disaster under climate change. By sharing of new, innovative developments and methodologies against Typhoon and flash flood including large urban areas, we will explore countermeasures to sustain balance between structural and nonstructural approaches.

    The major outcomes are expected as follows:
    • Extreme rainfall analysis by applying stationary/nonstationary method
    • Radar application for real-time flood forecasting
    • Rapid and accurate flood forecast by machine learning technique
    • Combination of structural/nonstructural mesasures for flood mitigation
    • Flood hazard mapping in urban area considering drainage system
    • Estimation of flood damages and evacuation planning for residents
  • HS47 session: Precipitation Induced Disasters: Observation, Prediction, Mitigation, and Adaptation

    Precipitation and disasters

    Precipitation is the primary driver of natural disasters such as floods and droughts which pose serious threat to human society and natural environment at a global scale. Urbanizations and climate changes exacerbate these threats. Therefore, a thorough understanding on the various mechanisms linking precipitation, disasters, and human adaptation is essential to develop a system that is resilient and robust against the precipitation-induced disasters.

    Taken this, this session aims to gather novel contributions on the following topics:
    • Spatial and temporal pattern change of extreme precipitation leading to disasters at both global and local scale
    • Novel techniques of precipitation downscaling and future weather generation
    • Assessment of the risks posed by precipitation considering climate change and urbanization
    • Adaptation strategies of human society to precipitation-induced disasters
    • Novel development of flood forecast and warning systems
    • Application of remote sensing techniques to observe precipitation-induced disasters
  • Accepted abstracts
    • HS29-A017: Just How Uncertain Are Our Extreme Flow Estimations for Flood Hazard Modeling in Ungauged Basins?
    • HS47-A005: Towards Advanced Floodway Modeling

FOSS4G 2020

  • Academic papers due by March 6
  • Talks & workshops due by May 1
  • Monday, August 24–Saturday, August 29
  • Calgary, Alberta, Canada

2020 Fall CURCA Student Travel Grants

  • Application not open yet
  • Application due by Friday, September 18 at 3pm
  • Funding up to $500
  • Presentation at an external conference before February 15

XVII World Water Congress

  • Monday, September 21–Friday, September 25
  • EXCO, Daegu, South Korea
  • Submitted poster: Jeongha Park, Dongkyun Kim, Huidae Cho. Assessment of GLUE Likelihood Indices and Trend of Parameter Samples in ISPSO-GLUE for TOPMODEL

2020 Georgia Geospatial Conference

2020 Georgia Undergraduate Research Conference

  • Call for abstracts not open yet
  • Friday, October 23–Saturday, October 24
  • University of West Georgia

Free education

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