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CanoPy user manual

CanoPy is the Python module for the Georgia Canopy Analysis 2009 project sponsored by the Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC). For further information about this project, please refer to the CanoPy page.

This document explains how to use the CanoPy module. For technical details, please read the technical manual. Also refer to the tutorial.



  • ArcGIS Desktop 10.x
  • ArcPy
  • Python 2 standard module: os
  • Feature Analyst™ by the Textron Systems
  • Automated Feature Extraction (AFE) models trained using Feature Analyst

We are currently planning on developing a fully open source solution without using ArcGIS and Feature Analyst.

How to use the CanoPy module

  1. Clone the CanoPy GitHub repository
    git clone
  2. Copy to
  3. Edit to recognize your layers and folder structures
  4. Start ArcMap
  5. Add Physiographic_Districts_GA.shp. Its layer name is phyregs_layer in
  6. Add naip_ga_2009_1m_m4b.shp. Its layer name is naipqq_layer in
  7. Open the Python window from within ArcMap
  8. Import the canopy module
    import sys
    import canopy
  9. Assign physiographic region IDs to the naipqq layer
  10. Add physiographic region IDs to process to phyreg_ids
    phyreg_ids = [8, 7]
  11. Reproject original NAIP QQ tiles to the target projection
  12. Run trained AFE models to classify canopy and non-canopy cells
  13. Convert AFE output files to the final seamless canopy GeoTIFF file per physiographic region
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