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Fast flow accumulation

This project will improve the speed of flow accumulation.

Preliminary results

Program Algorithm only (sec) Total (sec)
FastFlow Zhou fdr.tif fac.tif 61 87
FastFlow Wang fdr.tif fac.tif 174 277
FastFlow Recursive fdr.tif fac.tif 178 204
FastFlow Jiang fdr.tif fac.tif 304 333
FastFlow BTI fdr.tif fac.tif 118 144
TauDEM aread8 -p taud8.tif -ad8 tauad8.tif 402 607
TauDEM mpiexec -n 2 aread8 -p taud8.tif -ad8 tauad8.tif 310 514
ArcGIS Flow Accumulation 478
Arc Hydro Flow Accumulation 681
Coming soon 48 107
Yet another coming soon 21 33


Too much overhead for raster I/O. Need to reimplement I/O using GDAL or from scratch? Done using GDAL.


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