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Huidae Cho, Ph.D., GISP, PE (MD), CFM, M.ASCE

Research . Teaching . Consulting . Publications . Private

Dr. Huidae Cho is an Assistant Professor of Geospatial Science and Computing in the Institute for Environmental and Spatial Analysis (IESA) at the University of North Georgia (UNG). He is also a senior GIS developer and GRASS GIS developer.

He worked as a water resources engineer at a civil engineering consulting firm for 9 years and as a senior geospatial developer at a SaaS (Software as a Service) startup for 1 year. He also taught fluid mechanics and laboratory at Kennesaw State University for 8 semesters. His research interests include optimization theory, uncertainty analysis, and computational hydrology, especially the application of GIS to water resources engineering. He has been contributing to GRASS GIS development as a core developer since 1999 (FreeBSD porting, XDRIVER IPC version, packaging for Cygwin and Slackware, FreeType font support, TOPMODEL distributed hydrologic modeling, etc.). Before coming to the United States for pursuing his Ph.D., he was the development team leader at a Korean software company that developed a LaTeX-based digital library and cryptosystem applications such as DRM (Digital Right Management) and TRS (Tamper Resistant Software).

He serves as an editor for the Journal of Spatial Hydrology published by ScholarsArchive, Brigham Young University and as an invited reviewer for

  • Mathematics published by MDPI,
  • the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health published by MDPI,
  • the Journal of Flood Risk Management published by Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management and John Wiley & Sons Ltd.,
  • Sustainability published by MDPI,
  • Water published by MDPI,
  • Smart Water published by Springer,
  • the Journal of Hydroinformatics published by International Water Association Publications,
  • Resources, Conservation & Recycling published by Elsevier,
  • Computers and Electronics in Agriculture published by Elsevier,
  • the 2017 International Conference on Water Resource and Environment,
  • the Journal of Hydrologic Engineering published by the American Society of Civil Engineers,
  • Applied Mathematics and Computation published by Elsevier,
  • PLOS ONE published by the Public Library of Science,
  • the Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management published by the American Society of Civil Engineers,
  • the Journal of the Operational Research Society published by the Operational Research Society,
  • the European Journal of Operational Research published by Elsevier, and
  • the Journal of the American Water Resources Association published by the American Water Resources Association.


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