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Welcome to the GIS Lab in IESA UNG

The GIS Lab is Dr. Huidae Cho's research group in IESA. Our research focuses around the broad applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and computational methods to geospatial analysis, modeling, and engineering. We use this wiki site to share project information and document our research for internal collaboration. Most of pages related to ongoing projects will be hidden from the public, but we will disseminate research findings and outcomes once the project is completed. Find the conferences where you can meet us.

Please also check these 2021 academic opportunities.

Current projects

Projects on hold

Past projects


Manuscripts in preparation

  • Owen Smith, Huidae Cho. An Open-Source Canopy Classification System Using Machine-Learning Techniques Within a Python Framework. Environmental Modelling & Software. SCIE, 2019 Impact Factor 4.807.
  • Huidae Cho, Owen Smith. Quantifying Decade Canopy Change for the State of Georgia Utilizing NAIP Imagery from 2009–2019. Forestry. SCIE, 2019 Impact Factor 2.293 (too low, maybe a remote sensing journal?).

Manuscripts under review

  • Aboalhasan Fathabadi, Huidae Cho, Seyed Morteza Seyedian, Bahram Choubin. Comparison of Bayesian Model Averaging and GLUE Weighting Methods for Uncertainty Estimation in Hydrologic Modeling. Journal of Hydrology. SCIE, 2019 Impact Factor 4.500.

Recent publications

Recent presentations

Other resources

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